What is Fatigue?

Fatigue is broadly and generally defined as physical or mental tiredness or exhaustion, usually temporary, that occurs because of over work, physical exertion, or lack of proper sleep. This is extremely common and most human beings experience this at some point in their lives. This is easily remedied by proper rest, relaxation, and sleep.

However, a sign that there can be a problem is when the fatigue is unrelenting and proper rest does not remedy the exhaustion. It’s constant and the fatigue causes issues and difficulties with daily activities that normally are no problem at all to commence and complete. The fatigue can not only be physical, but mental as well. We call this “brain fog” where there is a lack of mental acuteness and clarity. An example is walking into a room and you can’t remember why you entered it in the first place! Most patients we see experience fatigue through muscle weakness, constant general malaise, and “brain fog”. You are not alone.

Why Fatigue?

There are many reasons for fatigue and, like mentioned previously, most are easily treatable with proper rest, but if fatigue is persistent and constant it could be a sign of something more serious. Heart disease could cause fatigue (most cases it does) and is the cause of on average 600K deaths a year in the United States. It’s something everyone should take seriously and its fairly easily detected. Fatigue could also be caused by diabetes, Hypogonadism (Low T), sleep apnea, hypertension, iron-deficiency, B12 deficiency, viral infection, and even depression. There are many causes of fatigue and, in most cases, its easily treatable.

What Can We do?

First off, for men especially, its important to see your provider regularly. It’s important to get physical check-ups to make sure small problems do not become larger problems and to catch any issues early on. Early detection of any disease or issue means a much, much greater chance of a quick recovery and, in some cases, saving your life.

At Men’s Total Health, we can not stress enough the urgency to get yearly screenings and assessments. So with fatigue, a proper screening can help detect the early onset of heart disease, diabetes, vitamin deficiencies, Low T, etc. and can get you on your way to a fast and efficient recovery.

At Men’s Total Health, we are dedicated to finding the root cause of your fatigue and treating your fatigue immediately so that you can get back on your feet and get back to living your life with energy and passion. All it takes is a proper screening and evaluation. Through insurance, your yearly wellness screening could potentially be free (insurances differ of course) and can be set up immediately. This isn’t a process that takes weeks, we can get you in immediately. And, Men’s Total Health has state of the art equipment to get you evaluated thoroughly and quickly.
Call today to set up your physical or yearly wellness exam and let us help you get back to feeling like yourself again!